In stock items ship same day if ordered online before 12 EST

In stock items ship same day if ordered online before 12 EST

Interlock Kit KS-6513-CH | Interlock Kit


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Have a question or don’t see a kit for your panel? We make custom Interlock Kits for any panel or solar scenario – call (804) 531-3359 or Contact Us!

This Interlock Kit mounts to EATON electrical panels with the following features:

  • Space between breaker columns: 1/2"
  • Gap between main breaker and columns below: 1 1/4 - 1 1/2"
  • 150-200 amp main breaker
  • Main breaker toggle action: horizontal (left-right) throw direction
  • Main breaker is centered over both breaker columns


  • Install a generator breaker at the top of the right column: spaces 2 & 4
  • Install a solar breaker in the bottom left corner of the branch circuit columns
  • Compatible with 32 space 64 CH circuit panels. 16 3/4 inch spaces in the left column & 16 3/4 inch spaces in the right column.
  • Page four of the installation instructions includes a list of contents included in Kit KS-6513-CH

Modified versions of this Interlock Kit exist, see: KS-6514-CH, KS-6512-CH (solar modified Interlock Kit) call for more details about modified kits: (804)726-2448

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