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About Generator Interlock Technologies, LLC

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel struck, and the power went out up and down the East Coast. Thousands of homes were forced to rely on portable generators for power. And unfortunately, many discovered that they didn’t have a safe, reliable, or even legal means to connect their generators to their household electrical panels. Out of this hardship, an idea was born.

The owner of Master Electrical Services of Richmond, Virginia, set out to develop a device that would create a safe connection between a portable generator and electrical panel. This manual transfer switch would lock out the main breaker in the existing home panel and allow for the portable generator to power the home through a back-feed generator breaker; it would also meet National Electrical Code requirements – and be cost-effective and convenient for homeowners.

While many electrical inspectors liked the early versions of the device, they all agreed that it would have to be listed to UL standards – not an easy task. After thousands of dollars in fees, rigorous tests, and a year of changes and modifications, the Interlock Kit was finally approved for use with UL listed panels. The Interlock Kit would be sold by a new company: Generator Interlock Technologies, LLC, or GIT.

GIT produces Kits for the latest electrical panels as well as models from 50 years ago, and we continue to develop new Kits to meet our customer’s needs. We remain committed to creating lasting, quality products that add convenience while increasing electrical safety. Today, we celebrate more than 2.5 million kits sold to small business and electrical suppliers across America and Canada!

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