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In stock items ship same day if ordered online before 12 EST

How Does a Generator Interlock Kit Work?

Generator interlock kits are an effective way to have an alternative power solution without the
investment of a full home or business generator. Researching generator interlock kits is a daunting task. Understanding how an interlock kit works is essential for any homeowner or business operator considering an alternative power solution.

Empowering Safety: How Interlock Kits Enhance Power Integration for Homes and Businesses

This blog delves into the functionality, benefits, and installation process of interlock kits, offering a comprehensive overview of why they are a smart choice for safely integrating a generator into your electrical system.

What is an Interlock Kit?

An interlock kit is a device that serves as a manual transfer switch, enabling a home or business owner to safely connect a portable generator to the building’s electrical panel. This device prevents the dangerous issue of backfeeding electrical power into the grid, which can be lethal for utility workers and damaging to the electrical system.

Functionality of an Interlock Kit

The primary function of an interlock kit is to allow the switching between the main power grid and a generator without the risk of both power sources being connected at the same time. It physically prevents the main breaker and the generator breaker from being turned on simultaneously. When installed, the kit modifies the electrical panel by adding a sliding cover over the breakers, ensuring that only one power source can be active at any time.

  • Safety: It provides a secure method to connect a generator to your electrical panel without risking backfeed into the main power lines.


  • Cost-Effective: Compared to installing a separate transfer switch, interlock kits are generally more affordable


  • Flexibility: They allow you to select which circuits are powered by the generator, which can be adjusted based on your power needs during an outage.


Legal and Code Compliance

Interlock kits are designed to meet the safety standards outlined in the National Electrical Code (NEC). This includes requirements from NEC Article 702 for optional standby systems, ensuring that the installation complies with local electrical safety codes. Always ensure that the kit is UL-certified and appropriately fits your specific panel model and type.

Securing Power: The Smart Choice of Interlock Kits for Emergency Preparedness

An interlock kit provides a reliable and regulatory-compliant method to connect a generator to your home or business’s electrical system. It is a practical solution during power outages, supplying electricity to essential circuits without the high cost of a full generator setup. Whether you are a homeowner looking to prepare for emergencies or a business in need of backup power, a generator interlock kit could be the ideal choice.

Remember, if you are unsure about installing an interlock kit yourself, it is advisable to consult with or hire a professional electrician. Safety should always be your priority when handling electrical installations.

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