In stock items ship same day if ordered online before 12 EST

In stock items ship same day if ordered online before 12 EST

In the era of sustainability, embracing clean, renewable energy sources is more than just a trend – it’s an essential step towards a greener, healthier planet. For the last 20 years, we dedicated our efforts to developing a line of simple transfer switches for the generator market. Today we are innovating along with the energy sector to offer the ONLY load-side transfer switch product capable of integrating multiple emergency power solutions into the existing electrical panel on site. Alternate power solutions like a generator, solar system, electric vehicle connection, or back-feed breakers are compatible with the new multi-Breaker Interlock Kit.

How the 120% Busbar Rule Impacts Your Solar Energy System?

Any of our two breaker generator interlock kits can now be modified into a Multi-Breaker Interlock Kit. The primary application of Multi-Breaker Interlock Kits  has been in scenarios where solar and generator power need to be integrated on the load side of an existing electrical panel. Our ready-made interlock kits are designed and built to work with the GRID breaker, a generator breaker, and a PV breaker locacted at the OPPOSITE end from the utility feed. Most of our solar line is designed in accordance with the 120% busbar rule. However, we can further modify the kits to accommodate other breaker locations or panel types, such as a feed-thru panel or SPAN panels. If you do not have a specific configuration, we offer customized options for any home or business. This makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to solar without changing your entire electrical setup.

How is this different from other solar options?

Multi-Breaker Solar Interlock Kits prioritize both performance and practicality. Offering property owners, the most access to any backup power solution out there. The interlock kit does not limit your access to only 8, 12, 16 breakers located in a separate transfer panel designated for the emergency power solutions. Instead, depending on the output capacity of your emergency power solutions, you can access all of your breakers or select which ones you would like ON, right from the SAME panel where your solar and generator solutions are integrated. No need to spend money on equipment for line-side tap installations anymore!

 Utilizing the new interlock kit reduces material costs incurred by installers by over 50% eliminating multiple unnecessary parts included used in other installation methods.  Save more than $340.00 per installation by eliminating this material. Also reducing the parts required down to a single multi-breaker interlock kit will bring installers closer to a carbon-neutral install process. Most jurisdictions do not require the upstream service disconnection for the installation of our product. With no service disconnection necessary we are saving an additional 21 days for the scheduling and completion of a disconnection event! That means installers are completing jobs 2000% faster than they are with alternative methods.

Are solar interlock kits safe?

Our solar generator interlock Kits are designed with precision and lab-tested for compliance and use with UL 67 panelboards. We comply with the NEC code and the AHJ on all installations and do recommend that you confirm the compliance of the product with your local building regulations prior to installing

Our Team is Here to Help

With Interlock Kit, you’re not just choosing a product, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and a partner dedicated to helping you harness the power of technology effectively and efficiently. Experience the Interlock Kit difference and make the switch today. Join us in powering a brighter, cleaner future with Interlock Kit, your premier partner for integrating emergency and solar power solutions.

Send us a catalog number or photo of the panel that you need an interlock kit for and we will match it for you! Contact our team to learn how we can help select the right interlock kit for your home or business. We even have pricing options available for bulk inquiries! Reach out today to see how we can help.

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